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About us


Towa Sokki Limited is an existing profit making company engaged in the manufacturing of Survey Instruments. It was incorporated as a Public Limited Company in the state of Gujarat on 10th March, 1993.

The company carries on its activity of manufacturing of Survey Instruments namely, Automatic Levels, Theodolites, Leveling Staves and Tripods etc.

The company’s overall operations are maintained by Mr. O.J. Bansal, Managing Director and Mr. S.J. Bansal, Director, who are looking for the day-to-day affairs of the management, mainly, production, marketing and finance. The present management team appears to be well conversed with related aspects of the industry in view of their experience of over 3 decades in more or less similar type of industries, successfully running the present unit. They are technically qualified having acquired engineering diplomas and involving more technical personals as and when required.

Towa Sokki Limited provides one stop solution for all kinds of surveying instruments. We help professional surveyors and engineers in accomplishing their arduous task of land and topographic survey through our high quality survey instruments. We work with a motto to make survey works easy and effective.

Our surveying instruments are accurate, long lasting and reliable for all kinds of land and topographic surveys since all products we supply go through rigorous quality tests of our state of the art infrastructure facility. Our efficient team comprises of engineers and technicians who never compromise with quality of any stage of manufacturing, inspection and delivery of our survey instruments.

TOWA is at the forefront of companies dealing in survey instruments. Our brilliant work force strives for excellence in providing quality products for complete customer satisfaction. Through a relation of mutual trust and reliance with our customers we have earned repute in surveying industry. We look forward to serve you.